CDF Condemns LCWR for Thomas Aquinas Invitation

By The Pope’s Fool News Service
August 22, 2014

The Popes Fool News Service (We Make Stuff Up)VATICAN CITY (TPF) — The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has issued a condemnation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious for inviting St. Thomas Aquinas to speak at their upcoming leadership conference. Although Thomas Aquinas is a highly regarded theologian and a saint to boot, the CDF has found his work marred with errors. Specifically, the CDF objects to his concept of providence, claiming it is nothing but Conscious Evolution in disguise.  Cardinal Müller, prefect of the CDR, argued that since Conscious Evolution assumes that human beings are positioned at the crest of the ongoing evolution of the universe, any theology that mimics such an idea is flawed.

“The fundamental theses of Conscious Evolution are opposed to Christian Revelation,” observed Cardinal Müller, “and providence is just another name for it.” Cardinal Müller argued that the concept of providence is dangerous because it sees the universe in the process of a constant unfolding, with lifeforms in the physical universe gradually evolving in distinct ways in space-time, driving themselves towards greater complexity and greater consciousness. Even though Aquinas claims that this evolutionary flourishing is aimed at a Trinity-like love of God and fellow creatures in charity, Cardinal Müller feels such thought is unorthodox.

“Listen to this,” he said, “and I’m quoting here right from the Summa Theologica, Part One, Article 22. Aquinas argues that since God has provision over ‘spiritual things, and thus over the whole world as regards genus, species, and universal causes,’ so ‘to providence it belongs to order things towards an end. Now after the divine goodness, which is an extrinsic end to all things, the principal good in things themselves is the perfection of the universe.’”

“Perfection of the universe?” Mueller asked. “What kind of talk is that? And get this, from Article 47. ‘Divinity is better represented by the whole universe than by any single thing. … Not only are individual creatures images of God but so too is the whole cosmos.’ The cosmos as an image of God? Really? And don’t even get me started on Teilhard de Chardin,” he said. “I don’t know what got into Benedict,” he continued, referring to a 2009 homily in which Pope Benedict XVI referenced the great vision of Teilhard de Chardin: “in the end, we shall achieve a true cosmic liturgy, where the cosmos becomes a living host.”

Müller told TPF that he wanted to make it clear he doesn’t want to gobble up particular theologians or otherwise stifle their exercise of intellectual freedom; his intention was merely to help them recover their true religious identity.

To avoid such mishaps in the future, and in keeping with the Church’s initiative of increasing transparency and accountability, Archbishop J. Peter (Why Me) Sartain will discuss future invitations with the leadership of the LCWR in meetings behind closed doors.