Thepopesfool.com (e.g., “Wherever there’s an royal court, there’s a fool”) used to be my thoughts (e.g., rants) about the Roman Catholic Church, but I’ve pretty much given up writing about the church. At this point, it seems mostly irreformable.

Anyway, during the pandemic, and especially during the eight solid weeks I spent in solitary, away from my friends and family (them keeping me “safe” except for the crazy-inducing loneliness), I talked to myself a lot and continue to do so. There were, oddly enough, more than a few moments of actual bliss in that solitude, and we’ll get into that in a bit.

Of course the pandemic is still going on and people are still being killed thanks mainly to Trump and the Republicans. WTF. So I’m glad I live in a Democratic state. Props to Gov. Pritzger and the Illinois health team.

Anyway, this blog is about whatever captures my fancy or whatever I want to think about that day.

And yes, I ❤️ Aquinas!