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Thank God for MLK

As a person of Irish descent, I would just like to say, God bless Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. America has been blessed to have his leadership and his embrace of non-violence. If you don’t think that matters, take a look at what happened in Ireland. The Troubles started in Northern Ireland when I was in high school, and I’ve always been amazed we haven’t seen the like over here. […]

White Privilege? A Chicago Immigrant Story

This is from a couple of months ago, and actually did start out in a conversation with a neighbor rather than with me talking to myself. It might be an article one day when it grows up. My friend Regina has seen a few Chicago neighborhoods come and go in here time, starting with her Polish one in Bridgeport during the Depression, and on through many others she has lived […]

Talking to myself during the pandemic

Here we sit, a few days before the presidential election, and seven months into the pandemic. While I talk to myself all the time, I never thought I’d be talking to myself during a pandemic, and never thought I’d spend so much time talking to myself about politics and race and the state of the country. But there you have it. The very foundations of America have never been threatened […]