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Dear moderate Democrats, help me understand

This 72 year old grandmother has always been a moderate, voting both for Republicans and Democrats alike, depending on who was currently the least loony; I even voted for Reagan once, I’m sorry to say. I liked being a moderate; it had a nice aura of calmness and rationality about it. But that’s all over now. I have no idea what’s going on with today’s crop of moderate Democrats. So […]

White Privilege? A Chicago Immigrant Story

This is from a couple of months ago, and actually did start out in a conversation with a neighbor rather than with me talking to myself. It might be an article one day when it grows up. My friend Regina has seen a few Chicago neighborhoods come and go in here time, starting with her Polish one in Bridgeport during the Depression, and on through many others she has lived […]

My letter to Rosalie

Rosalie was the first one to see the author in me (actually the first one to see much of anything in me), and thus had a big influence on my life. I treasured her correspondence and still have a couple dozen of her letters. This is an almost 25 year old letter from my younger self to Sister Rosalie, my high school creative writing teacher. At the time, in February […]